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Motionart also develops digital assets for film and media entertainment. Current products include a Virtual Trees & Foliage series, PANORAMICA, TreeFarm and the new HUMANITY|3D series. All intended for use in the Film, Graphics and, Architectural industry. Our product philosophy is to make time saving solutions affordable, effective and production/pipeline friendly, ready for artists and studios at all levels.

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Humanity3D pre-animated low-poly characters, scene assets and props are specifically designed to be as “drag and drop” as possible - saving you time from setting up, rigging, texturing and animating characters that in reality are just extras in your animation.

Facial animation, articulated hands, cloth dynamics, interaction with animated props. Real world scenarios to provide as much usability in any scene. Future releases will increase your collection of humanity, leaving you time to be creative.

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Tools!  No... Not us.   Time saving digital tool kits for any size production or pipeline


The Humanity|3D Life: series is a total low polygon pre-animated 3D people solution for all areas of digital production. From Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering and 3D Games to Visual Effects, Television, Print and Film.


From Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering and 3D Games to Visual Effects, Television, Print and Film.

VT&F volume 1&2VT&F volume 1&2

Virtual Trees & Foliage - Tropical and Deciduous Two libraries of alpha map textures with over 60 deciduous trees and 55 palm trees with plenty of shrubs, plants and flowers, Perfect for 2D compositing and general low poly 3D projects.


Make your 3D scenes complete with 180 / 240 / 360-degree and Hemispherical Panoramas! This is a MUST HAVE for every graphics artist's toobox. Extra large textures (9,0000 pixle range) plus bonuses!



and like Dwarves we are small yet mighty. We can carry a heavy load or take on overwhelming challenges with crazed excitement - yet easily fit into anyone's budget; or a corner of the room... The dwarves I mean.


We have done work for many companies that don’t share the same timezone or border. We will fit your schedule, no matter where you are. Your dateline becomes ours.
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We realize that some businesses would like to implement more engaging visuals to demonstrate their products, but don’t know where to start. We can help.
We like to be a solution to your problems - not an addition.


We all wish we had more time to do everything - we've got used to tight deadlines and revel in the challenge.
It's a sickness really.


We’ve worked in many facets of digital media.
We'll find a solution that fits you - not us.


Sometimes coming up with a way of delivering your message can be daunting - not only do you need help with producing the visuals you need the idea.
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Received willingly under very mild duress.

  • I'm very happy the work and relationship I have from David and Motionart. He knew what I was envisioning from only a few phone calls and delivered something even better.
    Don Nowak // Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI)
  • A very important part of our job is our deadlines. If we don’t deliver on time, the losses can be substantial for all parties involved. David understands that, and shows a remarkable ability to be both creative and efficient.
    William Hires // CEO Showquest|Vekoma - Tiltworks